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    Money-vip,Make Money by Free Paid Surveys,Paid to sign up,Paid to play Games & Cashback Shopping
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    Money-vip,Make Money by Free Paid Surveys,Paid to sign up,Paid to play Games & Cashback Shopping
    Get Paid to Advertise

    I currently make a few extra hundred dollars every month by advertising others' products. It is known as Affiliate Marketing or we can call it Paid to Advertise. In order to get paid you need to join a Affiliate network first. Affiliate networks offer pay per action (PPA), pay per click (PPC), pay per lead (PPL), and pay per sale (PPS).

    In order to make money with most schemes you will need to make referrals, this requires promotion. If you have a website put referral links or banners on it. Get a website, this is a great way to promote all of your referral links in one place.

    So why not join some affiliate programs and earn some extra money when you promote your referral links?

    You have two choices:

    Make your own website or Buy a

    Ready-made website that you simply get paid to advertise.

    A common misconception is that you have to own a website to participate in these type of money making advertise programs. This is NOT true. The programs below simply require you to refer new members and visitors.

    They are called Ready-Made Business. You get paid $5 here, $3 there by advertising your links, and you almost always get paid residual income by telling others about the program. You can promote in newsletters, via emails, or in search engines. You can always pick and choose which program best fit your visitors and/or friends.

    Enjoy these and I wish you excellent revenues. Be sure to check back often :)

    ! All links below open in a new window



    Selling Healthcare Products is a Recession-Proof Business. An aging population whose health is declining is going to purchase healthcare products and services órecession or no recession. And, with more health related products and services available than ever before, this is a business that is sure to thrive. is a turnkey business opportunity. You would have their own domain, hosting, call center and online store. By becoming involved with HerbalBiz you will have all the benefits of owning their own business: you can set your own hours, take a vacation in the middle of the week or work only in the evenings!




    Paid-to-Advertise Programs I'm making money with

    Get your own ready-made website right? Congratulations! Start making money now! Whether you build your own site or buy a ready-made website, all these programs below are for you. Most ready-made sites enable you to put your own links on the portals. Just join these paid-to-advertise networks and put your affiliate links on!

    Market Health

    Market Health is another online marketing company in the health and beauty industry. The Market Health Affiliate Program allows you to market and promote the world’s leading health and beauty offers on the net. Choose from over 50 offers which include herbal supplements, skin care, vitamins, beauty products, health care, weight loss and more.



    Some key selling points include:

    - Lifetime Cookies
    - Up to 60% Commission
    - Health Affiliate Program
    - Great Prizes
    - Free Website Templates
    - Free WordPress Templates
    - One-2-One Affiliate Support
    - Dedicated Affiliate Forum



    Personally I think this affiliate network is a much better choice than some of the big ones like Amazon etc. I sold $100 value products on Amazon last month but I get only $6 in return! Luckily this situation changed since I found Maxbounty. They have many programs that pay you $20 to have people sign up for free trial offers. Those offers only require your visitors pay a very small amount of fee(Generally $1-$10)!


    P.S. Ninety-five percent of the people who read this will never give it a try. You may be the exception. If you are,you will see dramatic results. Your income will improve in six months or less— and it will keep improving thereafter. Before you know it, you’ll be at a whole new level.

    Remember, every dollar you earn today is more valuable than a dollar you earn tomorrow. If you make just one dollar online, you’re already ahead of a lot of people that are trying to make anything.

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