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    Money-vip,Make Money by Free Paid Surveys,Paid to sign up,Paid to play Games & Cashback Shopping
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    Money-vip,Make Money by Free Paid Surveys,Paid to sign up,Paid to play Games & Cashback Shopping


    News:Great changes, eurokiddies now only accept members from Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Canada, United States

    Eurokiddies is a French surfbar. They pay you to run their surfbar program on your screen to show ads.You earn EK points while you are surfing. At the beginning of the month EuroKiddies converts your points into cash. The current rate is 11.75 cents per 1000 EK. You can also earn EK by Paid to Click, Jackpot(10 points to 5€), Tombola, EuroBonus contes. When you reach 10€ you can payout by E-gold & Paypal.

    How to Sign up (Language Tool Here )

    STEP 1 Click here to SIGN UP EuroKiddies and fill your email and password then click Envoyer:

    You will receive email with your login and password (mot de passe).

    STEP 2 Click here to Download KiddiesBarre and install it. Run the KiddiesBarre.

    For the first time to login you must click on the MENU of the bar with the right button of the mouse, enter you login info then click "Connection". You can move the position of the bar by clicking the Positionnement in the MENU of the bar.

    Your KiddiesBarre bar looks like this:

    EuroKiddies surfbar


    Start to Earn Easy Money

    1) Installer la barre -Surf the internet with your KiddiesBarre bar & earn 60 EK per hour. By checking your presence, the bar sometimes require you to fill in a turning number. Just recopy this turning number in the box. If you do not fill this turning number in the box within a certain period your bar will be blocked until the next day.

    EuroKiddies code of checking

    2) Clics rémunérés - Paid to click

    3) Inscriptions rémunérées - You earn EK to sign up with sponsors' site.

    4) Tombola - You will receive one ticket of Tombola by visiting advertiser's site per day to have a chance to win minimum 25000 EK.

    8) Concours EuroBonus Eurobonus are points which make it possible to take part in the EuroBonus contest which takes place every month. There is only one banner per day; this one spends several times by day to enable you to see it. There is one credit per day, distributed by chance, going from 500 EuroBonus with 5000 EuroBonus. To obtain it, it is enough for you to click only once per day on the Bonus banner of the bar when it appears and confirm with your email.

    First Price: 195.103 Euros + 87 godsons

    Second Price: 100.051 Euros + 52 godsons

    Third Price: 59.0292 Euros + 34 godsons

    Fourth Price: 38.5207 Euros + 10 Eurocode

    Fifth Price: 19.5104 Euros + 5 EuroCodes

    6th to the 25 place: 1 Euro + 1 EuroCode

    From the 26 to the 50 place: 0.5 Euro + 1 EuroCode

    From the 51 to the 100 place: 5000 EK

    From the 101 to the 250 place: 2500 EK.

    From the 251 in the 1000 place: 1000 EK.

    9) Jackpot This play is 100 % chance to win. You can win of 10 pts to 5€. Each time you earn 200 EK by surfing the net, you gain a Jackpot ticket.

    EuroKiddies jackpot

    EuroKiddies jackpot

    and scratch the boxes below

    EuroKiddies jackpot

    10) Gagner des cadeaux - you can gain some gifts here.

    11) 100% Gagnant - here, you can win up to 500 Euros!!! You validate a EuroCode and you see immediately how much you gained. And as the play is 100% gaining, you set out again with minimum 2500 EK. To play, click on the button, then enter the code and directly afterwards, you will rise your profit! Good luck!!!

    12) CashBack - you earn cashbak from your purchases.

    How to Payout

    You can see your EuroKiddies balance on top of the site. When you reach the payout click Paiement. Then Click ARGENT.

    Then choose payment method you want:

    Eurokiddies Payout

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