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    Money-vip,Make Money by Free Paid Surveys,Paid to sign up,Paid to play Games & Cashback Shopping
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    Money-vip,Make Money by Free Paid Surveys,Paid to sign up,Paid to play Games & Cashback Shopping
    Step by Step How-To For
    Paid To Read Email Programs

    I will give you a full instruction step by step for how to get started with Paid to Read/Click programs.

    Step 1: Signup at some of the sites.
    (I use the sites in the table above...only a couple pay less than a penny per email and those have a reduced timer count)

    Step 2: Check your email for activation, click on link in email to activate.

    Step 3: Filling in info: You need to give the correct details when filling your name, address, province, zip code and country. Program Owners delete members who have given false information.

    When selecting your interests, you need to select them carefully as there are certain categories that are inserted by the Program Owners to see whether you are paying attention to what you select. These categories include:
    o Delete Me
    o Take all my money
    o I do not understand English
    o I use cheat bots etc.

    When you fill in info, there should be a line that asks if you want ads delivered to your email, the site inbox, or both. Select the site inbox.
    (reason: your email provider may put these emails in the spam box AND you won't have to go thru tons of emails to find the paying ones)

    Step 4: Be patient, it may take a couple days for your account to begin receiving email ads.
    But you WILL get them. I got 4 or 5 the first day, did a search for each of them--next day got 7, next day got 19, and so on till I reached the current amount, which is 60-70 per day from nearly all of them.
    One of them is now sending me closer to 80 a day!

    Step 5: Login at the site, click on "inbox".(may need to scroll down page a bit)

    Step 6: To the right of each email there is a small box, click on it and a check mark will appear in the box. Click on the email for that box.
    (putting a check in the box, lets you know which you have done--when finished, click delete and all the ones you've done will already have the checks in the boxes)

    Step 7: When the email opens(usually in a new window) look for a link that has the word "runner" in it.
    (could be towards the end of the link--here is an example of what it may look like:
    Click on the link and a new window opens.

    Step 8: Most sites use turing numbers to detect whether the one clicking on links is a cheat bot or a person. The turing number is a four digit number with 4-5 numbers below it. You need to click on the matching number to go to the advertised page.

    Step 9: There should now be a timer in the upper left corner; when it reaches "0", you will see, "Your account has been credited. Thank You!". Timers are set by Program Owners so that members will view the website for a certain period of time, hoping to give the advertised website due attention. Members receive credit once the timer runs out and the notification appears that the member has been credited for the visit. You will not be able to open multiple links. You will need to wait till the timer expires in order for you to open a link sent by the same site. If you attempt to open multiple links from the same site, you will see a notice which says “you must let the timer expire before opening another link” or “please let the ad timer run out” or something like that.

    Step 10: Close any open windows EXCEPT the inbox window.


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